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Fridge Xpress – Feel Freeze!

11.15.2019 · Posted in Transportation

Fridge Xpress is one of the leading companies that hire, service, maintain, convert and market refrigerated vans and trailers. Their team is experienced in the field by making these practices of more than 20 years. They offer advice that one can trust, and they always strive to go the additional mile for their clients. They deliver the best and most suitable solutions for their customers.

Are you the one looking for that perfect refrigerated van? Of course, yes, and maybe. People have probably seen the refrigerated vans and trailers on the road carrying freights and goods. Food safety is the utmost safety for the one who is running the food businesses or the beverages one. And therefore, they are looking for the best-refrigerated vans and trailers. Based on various needs, particular food safety regulations and authorities exist to assure that refrigerated vans and trucks maintain the security and honesty of the goods as they carry and dispatch. With such considerations and need, the company “Fridge Xpress” has come in front of all. The company is expertise in maintaining, serving, hiring and marketing the best-refrigerated vans and trailers. They understand food safety and serve their utmost priority for the business people. They are flexible enough to do the most excellent and relevant work for the clients.

A spokesperson from “Fridge Xpress” has explained, “We are here to serve our best and relevant services of refrigerated vans and trucks at best prices. We are flexible enough as per the client’s needs and choices. We offer advice that you can trust, and we always try to go the extra mile for you. Our 20 years, the experienced team has immense knowledge about food safety and protection.”

It is hard, to sum up, what “Fridge Xpress” is in just a few words. The company is experienced in marketing, servicing, hiring the refrigerated vans and trucks. Also, they extensively check every vehicle before it is hired or sold.

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Long Lawford, Rugby
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Phone: 08006128902

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